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The best luxury heritage resort in Kodaikanal

Craigmore – the best luxury heritage resorts in Kodaikanal is located in a sprawling 3-acre compound 1.5km away from Kodai lake on Fairy falls road. The oldest solar observatory in India (The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory), The Rose Garen with over 1000 varieties of roses, the upper Lake view point with stunning views of the lake and fair falls are all located within walking distance of the heritage resort in Kodaikanal. The location allows smooth access to Golf Club, Pillar Rock, Green Valley View, Kodai Lake, Boat House, Coaker’s Walk and most of the best tourist hotspots that Kodaikanal has to offer.

Nestled amidst the lush beauty of Kodaikanal, Craigmore - the best Luxury Heritage resorts in Kodaikanal offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication. Our heritage resort is designed to provide an enriching escape into nature's embrace, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the serene hill station. With luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views, Craigmore promises an experience that goes beyond mere lodging. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, our heritage resort is the perfect setting to create cherished memories in this idyllic destination. Come and discover the charm of Kodaikanal at Craigmore, where the beauty of nature meets the elegance of luxury.
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